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An online photography gallery of fine photography which was established by James H. Wintner. He posted photos from my New Orleans Jazz Funerals on the website. David Wyland, a former photo editor at Newsweek, wrote the web pages for my photographs at the time my book REJOICE WHEN YOU DIE was being published in 1998 Click here to view those pages .

elemore morgan painting  
Elemore Morgan, Jr., Painter

I met Elemore in 1959 while studying architecture and working for the architect Neil Nehrbass in Lafayette. He is acknowledged as the leading contemporary Louisiana landscape painter. The coastal prairie landscape of the rice growing region of southwest Louisiana with its terraced fields, towering thunderheads, solitary oaks, mills and barns is the source of his work. Morgan is known for luminous, gestural paintings which reflect the dramatic skies and vast spaces of the prairies and marshes of south Louisiana. His treatment of light and color is linked to the work of Impressionist and Fauve painters of the 19th century. Elemore Morgan, Jr. often employs shaped panels which are integral to the design and composition of his paintings. Click here to view his work on Arthur Roger Gallery website

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A photography site for Collectors and Connoisseurs of Fine Photography.
Click here to view my work on this website.


In 1965, I met Joan Liftin in New York. She was a photo editor at the United Nations. She helped convince me that I wanted to be a full-time photographer. Vietnam was getting fired up then, so I got a passport, a visa and a round-trip plane ticket to Saigon. It was my first of many foreign trips. The photo above is the cover of her new book Water for Tears. Click here to view her website.

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