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A Traveling Exhibition of Photographs

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The jazz funerals in New Orleans are an ever changing phenomenon. They are a reflection of life, revealing the passions and philosophies of the living as well as the departed. Frequently, the funerals are arranged according to the wishes of the deceased who has pre-selected the music, and sometimes even the musicians to play the music. They are, above all, a tribute to life rather than a concession to death. These photographs were all taken between 1968 and 1970, and collectively, form an unique historic document of the funerals during that period. The photographs in this exhibition are grouped into three sections:

THE SPECTATORS drawn by curiosity, form a supporting cast and sometimes number in the thousands. They gather to vicariously sample "a happening".

THE FUNERAL PROCESSIONS to the church are a communion of souls.
They are open demonstrations of an abiding faith in God and his judgement.

THE SECOND LINES follow the bands. Leaving the cemetery, the mood switches
to one of unleashed emotions expressed in dance and music.

These photographs represent an attempt to show the sadness and dignity, the pride and humility, the stillness and motion, the silence and the music of the jazz funeral and the people who are a part of them.

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Part I - The Spectators

Photo 003 spacer Photo 100 spacer Photo 109

Photo 112 spacer Photo 113 spacer Photo 092 spacer Photo 105

Photo 096 spacer Photo 097 spacer Photo 094 spacer Photo 111

Part II - The Processions

Photo 001 spacer Photo 054 spacer Photo 002

Photo 070 spacer Photo 010 spacer Photo 059 spacer Photo 107

Photo 006 spacer Photo 101 spacer Photo 099 spacer Photo 007

Part III - The Second-Lines

Photo 009 spacer Photo 114 spacer Photo 005

Photo 058 spacer Photo 069 spacer Photo 068 spacer Photo 093

Photo 108 spacer Photo 055 spacer Photo 071 spacer Photo 004

Photo 008


Exhibit Space Required: 100 to 125 Running Feet.

34 framed photographs
17 - 20 x 24 frames - 17 - 16 x 20 frames

Packed for shipping via freight or common carriers such as UPS.

Total Weight: Approx. 300 lbs. (4 crates).

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