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Photos at Horse Race Tracks in Europe and the Americas

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Photo 018

While in Paris in 1972, a friend and fellow photojournalist, Alain Tartavel, invited me to Longchamps for the annual Prix de L'arc de Triomphe race. At that time, I had no interest in the races, but brought my camera bag and a few rolls of film. After seeing what resulted from the Paris photos, I started going to various race tracks to photograph the people there.

Over the next few years several horseracing tracks were visited including: Longchamps (Paris), Exhibition Park (Vancouver), Saratoga Race Course (Saratoga Springs, NY), Belmont Park (Elmont, NY), Evangeline Downs (Lafayette, LA), Fairgrounds Race Course (New Orleans), Ruidoso Downs (Ruidoso, NM), La Rinconada Hippodrome (Caracas) and several others.