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In Memory of Lucien E. Conein 1919-1998

Military Funeral at Arlington National Cemetery

Bastille Day, July 14, 1998

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Lucien E. Conein portrait

Bronze Star
Bronze Star
Silver Star
Silver Star
Distinguished Service Cross
Service Cross
French Legion d'honneur
The French
Legion d'honneur
Lou's Favorite

Conein Family
Lucien Conein Family at Arlington National Cemetery

Lucien Conein was one of the last of the old fashioned spies. During World War II he was one of Wild Bill Donovan's boys with the OSS. Later, during the Cold War, he trained many of the agents sent into East Europe in hot air balloons at night (so they couldn't be detected by radar), and was the first to free-fall with a parachute (to enable agents to land more quickly when parachuting over enemy territory).

He was given a full military funeral at Arlington National Cemetery on July 14, 1998. Lou was born in France, died in June and was buried on Bastille Day. This photo essay is dedicated to his wife of 40 years, Elyette, and his children, Cecil, Serge, Bernard, Chip, Philip, Laurent and Caroline.

We met in Saigon in 1966 where we drank and ate together at La Casita, a well known Corsican restaurant. One day he could be one of the most ornery bastards you've ever met, then the next day, he would risk his life to save your ass. Lou taught me the value of not having to compromise what you believe in, and to never be afraid of life or death. He became one hell of a role model and a great friend. He is missed by all of us who knew him.